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Dispatch v Delivery

On the product page for each item, you will see a dispatch estimate e.g. "within 24 hours", "within 1-2 weeks". Dispatch is when we send the product to our delivery partner not the date it arrives to your door. We use myHermes by default as it is trackable and economical. Please let us know if you prefer other providers. It usually take 2-4 days after dispatch for your order to be delivered.

Grouped Delivery

Where possible we will group your order together, so that all the items arrive on the same day.  

Tracking the progress

You will receive an email once your order is dispatched. In the email, you will be provided with a link to track the progress of delivery. Alternatively you can create an account with us, go to 'My orders' where you will see all of your order history. Click on any order to track the delivery progress.